Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lotsa Books

After my long break from books, I've finished a bunch in the past month:

  1. PhotobucketAtonement by Ian McEwan--This book was a little bit difficult to get into. I didn't get interested until about page 100. The author uses a lot of thoughts and scenery description. I personally need some dialogue to move me through a book. It's a very sad and depressing book about a young girl that witnesses an act-- two acts actually that will change her life, her sister's life and the life of her sister's love forever. I didn't really care for the book and I'm not sure why it was chosen as book of the year by so many publications. I don't recommend it and I don't recommend the movie either.
  2. PhotobucketSwapping Lives by Jane Green--This was a book about a single thirty something woman that thinks the grass is greener for women that are married and have children. After swapping lives with a mom that has those things and more, she learns to appreciate her life. This book was a quick "chick lit" book. It's not as good as her other novels (i.e. Jemima J).
  3. PhotobucketThe Pact by Jodi Picoult--The Pact is about a boy and a girl that grow up together because their moms became best friends when they became neighbors. Eventually, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. The two kids were so close (almost like twins) until their world came apart because of an apparent suicide pact between the two kids. This was a good book, but I actually expected a lot out of it because everyone told me how good it was. I kind of thought it was a little hokey, but it's a great summer read.
  4. PhotobucketI Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson--I actually liked this book despite the mixed reviews on Amazon.com. However, I did not like the ending. I think in truth, working mothers do suffer from having to do almost too much and this book is kind of an anthem for working moms. It's about a working mom struggling to make it in a predominantly male industry and the guilt she suffers because she's a working mom.
  5. PhotobucketBest Friends by Martha Moody--This book was recommended to me by Sacto Girl and was chosen by someone in one of my book clubs. It was a great read. It's long but goes by fast. It's about two women that form an unlikely friendship that spans a couple decades and many tragedies. I'd recommend it.